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“Some shows you the way..
We will walk the way with you!”

Who we are

We are a business experts community, with a minimum of 15 years international senior experience in operational management and direction level.

All our experts have managed cross-functional perimeters, in which they were in charge of defining and implementing the strategy, managing key projects, with the coordination of transversal teams & resources to achieve the expected objectives.


We are a business experts community, with a minimum of 15 years international senior experience in operational management and direction level.

We are used to work together, so we can be quickly operational and efficient; We share the same vision:pragmatism, customer & business orientation, data & results-driven.

What we do

We are supporting the management team in building and implementing strategic projects, to achieve efficiently their goals.

We bring to our customers our business & operational experience, and the necessary support to launch and drive projects, including the change management to federate and engage all teams.

All along the project, from the diagnostic, up to the achievement, we work with a strong data centric focus

We select the key performance indicators which allow to understand, follow and drive your business performance. We organize, analyze and build reliable data reports for the whole business value chain, to make you able to make the right decisions all along the process, and to feed the project sponsors with all the relevant information.

Regarding the project purpose, we can work alone or in a “task force” gathering several experts,
from few days to several months.

Achieve goals

We help you to boost yourproject resultsin accelerating the deliverability and achievements.

We usually structure our missions in 3 primary phases

1. The diagnostic
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Together, let’s make the diagnostic and the objectives

We analyze the scope, objectives and strategic recommendations of the project, with an operational and pragmatic prism to secure the implementation feasibility.
We analyze the whole business value chain to identify the strategic areas to focus on.
We map the organizations, processes, and tools to have a 360°structured vision of the capacity and the necessary means to go on.
We identify the strenghts to build on and the weaknesses to reinforce.

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2. The Action Plan
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Together, build the path to the objectives

We organize and split the project into various coherent phases and actions with clear objectives and deliverables agreed and shared with all project members.
We build the roadmap and planning and define the necessary means and resources to be able to follow a fluent and structured implementation and give visibility to all members’ roles.
We are focus on concrete and realistic actions to guarantee efficiency and visible results.

3. The implementation
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Together, make your projects and objectives become true

We help to roll out the actions plan. We support the project teams in driving and controlling the project implementation conform to your specific needs.
We drive all the project management and governance as planning and budget follow-up, team workshops coaching, project committees preparation, and presentation.
We are fully committed to the project up to the achievement's success.

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Which solutions do we bring?

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We support you in increasing your action capabilities while you have to face strong operational challenges of transformation, go to market or scale-up.

Our operational experts can help you in various business areas, for specific or transversal needs.

The functional expertises on which we work on:

Product Marketing

Product Markting

Boost the « time to market » of your products and services

We help you to:

  • Understand your market trends and customers expectations
  • Improve the customer experience, on-line and off-line
  • Manage the offer and the price policy launch
  • Build subscription models to improve customer engagement & recurring revenues
  • Build a continuous innovation process (agile mode) to optimise your market fit
Marketing communication

Marketing communication

Improve the customer engagement and loyalty

We help you to:

  • Bring value & visibility to your brand
  • Improve your customer journey, on-line and off-line
  • Optimise the new customer enrolment cost
  • Reinforce your customer engagement to increase the “life time value”
Business development

Business Development

Create traffic to increase sales

We help you to:

  • Harmonize and boost the performance of all your sales channels
  • Develop a new networks and partnerships strategy
  • Collect and analyze customers feedbacks to create suitable offers
  • Define the sales organisation to accelerate the business


Ensure quality of service and customer delivery commitment

We help you to:

  • Increase the supply chain performance and profitability
  • Improve customer support quality and efficiency
  • Develop a stable & fruitful partners relation
  • Optimize the Time/Cost/quality balance
    of the “time to market”

Supply Chain

Optimize your supply chain profitability, quality and “time to market”

We help you to:

  • Integrate the supply chain value within your organisation
  • Organise and optimise your supply chain
  • Manage your S&OP, procurements, stocks and products traceability


Enrich your sourcing chain with the good price for value

We help you to:

  • Improve the sourcing’ process and organisation
  • Select the products/services range offer and manage the partners contracting
  • Validate the offers access quality
  • Manage the partner network

Customer delivery

Improve your “order to cash” chain efficiency

We help you to:

  • Consolidate the “order to cash” process standardisation and integration
  • Define the organisation, processus and managing tools strategy
  • Improve the customer relationship management
  • Optimise the customer quality of service and satisfaction
Finance and supports

Finance & supports

Improve your support organisation performance

We help you to:

  • Focus your support teams organization on business growth and scaling challenges
  • Model the key performance indicators to drive your business
  • Optimize daily cash needs to run your business (receivables, payables, stock, ...)
  • Structure the balance between short, mid and long term financing.


Build and run technologies environment that serves internal and external customers needs

We help you to:

  • Screen of your business information system and flows
  • Reinforce your IT security plan
  • Support the new IT tools implementation

Master Plan

Map your actual and future IT system

We help you to:

  • Audit and map your IT systems and flows
  • Specify your own applications or challenge the external applications
  • Identify the pain points, prioritise and support your roadmap


Focus the IT tools on Business needs

We help you to:

  • Focus the IT tools on your business and organization needs
  • Improve their features and integration
  • Propose a SMART roadmap evolution for the IT tools


To protect you against hackers

We help you to:

  • Screen your company risks
  • Analyse and document the internal and external security process
  • Train your employees and inform your customers


Drive data to manage the performance

We help you to:

  • Make a data cartography of your business process
  • Drive the data organisation conform to GRPD rules
  • Build the performance business model and reporting
  • Implement a “data driven” culture in your organisation

Which methodology do we use?

Our missions are led with a specific methodology we have created, build from our commun experiences.

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The particularity of our vision comes from our former operational experiences, positive as well as negative, experimented by our team within their various executive roles.

We use to work and focus on what has been successful, the “Best practices”, and share the risks & alerts we have already experimented.

intervention methodology

We bring a commitment driven by results and growth. We share the company ambition held by a deep strategy understanding, a tactical roadmap design, team involvement, and coordination around concrete and affordable goals.

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We base it on the “best practices” we have experimented, which make the projects successful, that we have organised in 3 main fundamentals:

Through action


An efficient and pragmatic approach, closed to the field reality.

  • Drive daily concrete actions
  • Implement sequential steps & milestones
  • Reach quickly first visible results

In synergy


A transversal involvement in a team player spirit.

  • Break the « silo », involving and coordinating all the teams players
  • Change management
  • Develop integrated tools and transversal process

To the results


An action drive to results

  • Bring a total transparency of your company performance
  • Answer with an operational reality vision
  • Measure the results of decisions and actions

Our commitment

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  • Customized solutions adapted to your needs and budgets
  • A complete support all along your projects, to ensure an operational launch
  • A concrete commitment on results
  • An ethic based on trust, transparency and win-win partnerships

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Some of our missions

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L’Identité Numérique

Interim management of the Operations Department, to support the BtoBtoC business development and scale-up


  • Definition and set-up of the organisation, roadmap and budget
  • Hiring of the team (4 persons)
  • Management of the Quality of Service improvement Plan
  • Process & tools (Incidents, Change and Crisis management)
  • Industrialisation & Securisation Plan for flows management
  • Implementation of data/tools/dashboard for Performance Management

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Build an Operation department to industrialize, scale-up and support the BtoB market growth


  • Project management with a transversal comitology
  • Flows industrialization
  • Incidents management (-50%)
  • Performance management (10KPI)
  • 50 processes and 2 back office tools
  • BtoB customer relation management team

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Groupe Renault

PMO of the international and multicanal program to improve the customer experience and satisfaction of the Renault Group


  • Worlwide governance (5 Regions/32 countries)
  • Actions plans roll out support with the 32 countries
  • Performance management (10 KPI)
  • Mobile apps development and deployment (6 -12 months)

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Groupe Zannier

Development and launch of a new gift boxes range with a multicanal distribution.


  • A complete transversal project management
  • A 4 gift boxes range developed in 6 months
  • An operational launch in less than a year
  • A traceability and value management platform developed in 6 months

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Strategic and operational support in a omnicanal logistic program (on-line and off-line distribution synergy)


  • Market needs analysis (2 months)
  • New validated projects specifications (3 months)
  • New solutions development (1 year)

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Support on the accountants functions transformation to answer new customers digital needs, save costs and flows automatisation.


  • BETTR development, an on-line accountability and administrative support apps for TPE/PME (10 months)
  • Creation of a shared service dedicated to automatic accounting flows. Processes & tools implementation (6 months)
  • Creation of a support service for the company set-up (10 months)

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Support on a digital start-up launch, specialized in ebooks gift cards.


  • 360° convergence methodology applied
  • Amazing time to market (6 months)
  • Distribution contract negociated with the biggest operator
  • On-line website launch for the high christmas period

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Support on reviewing the company strategic position:marketing products, commercial organisation and growth funding.


  • Marketing strategy review (2 months)
  • Commercial strategy and team reorganisation (BtoB), CRM implementation (3 months)
  • LBO funding operation management

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Support on a transportation company growth to scale-up.


  • A complete team reorganised and increased
  • A project management culture implemented
  • 10 Colizen corners implemented in Chronopost agencies in 5 cities
  • Stock management reliability increased (-80% gaps)
  • Teams productivity improved

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Assistance in redesigning banking mobility processes to SEPA standards


  • Redesign of the processes for obtaining and transmitting SEPA direct debit mandates between banks, direct debit organizations and individual customers:6 months
  • Automation and dematerialization of the collection of direct debit information from direct debit organizations:6 months
  • Creation of a direct debit security service offer:3 months

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Support on a start-up launch, specialised in chocolate gift boxes on-line distribution.


  • Marketing product & communication
  • Gift boxes range definition (Mix marketing)
  • Drafting of a Business Plan and Investment Memoranum for VC investors

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Didier Louvet

Business & Finance ExpertDigital, Telecom, Leasure&Tourism
Emilie Mahy

Emilie Mahy

Operation & Supply ExpertCosmetics, Automotive, Tourism, Logistic, Digital
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Alain Monfort

IT ExpertIT, Digital, Leasure&Tourism, Publics
Patricia Perche

Patricia Perche

Marketing ExpertSoftware, Coaching, Digital, Accounting
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JF Rucart

Commercial ExpertBtoB, Media,
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Benoit Pigeon

IT ExpertFood, Retail, Leasure&Tourism, IT, Digital
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Julien Monterisi

Supply chain ExpertLogistic, E-commerce,

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